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Materials (Dog Coat):

0.4m checked fabric, 115 wide

0.4m fleece, 140 wide

0.3m hook-and-loop tape

0.5m elastic, 1cm wide

0.6m decorative leather tape with rivets

Materials (Dog Collar):

Remnant of checked fabric

Webbing 2.5cm wide

Buckle 2.5cm wide

1 D-ring 2.5cm wide

0.3m decorative rivet tape

Materials (Cat Den):

0.6m checked fabric, 150cm wide

0.6m small check fabric, 150cm wide

0.5m fleece, 140cm wide

47cm boning

30 rivets, 12mm diameter

2 open-ended zips, 50cm

1.5m hook-and-loop tape

Hard board

Embroidery design: Use your own design or write to for a free design. In the subject line, please write ‘CH Dog and Cat’ and indicate the embroidery format you require.

Materials (Birdy):

Remnants of checked fabric fleece and fur


Pattern: Prepare your own pattern from the diagram or write to for a full size to be printed on a A4 size page. In the subject line, please write ‘CH Birdy pattern’.

Treat your pets with practical, but fun accessories!

Dog coats and cat dens! These pet accessories are bound to go down well with your furry friends.


Dog Coat

Dog coats have been gaining ground for a while as a warming item but also as a fashionable accessory. Embellish it with rivet tape or lace trim as it takes your fancy.


Dog Collar

A collar like this adds to a great finishing touch, and your four legged child will really cut a dash with the cheeky bow-tie. The collar is so quick to make that you might decide to sew an appropriate variant for every occasion – and even the odd one with rhinestones!


Cat Den

Lock yourself away in your sewing room while you are making this den – otherwise it will be commandeered by your pet before it’s completely finished!



Since a bit of play in between naps is in the order of the day, this bird is just the thing for the sharp claws of your “domestic tiger”.