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1 x Large Nickel plated medallion

2 x 8mm Nickel bead ends

40cm x Beige leather cord

2 x 15mm Turquoise glass beads

6 x 8mm Square yellow wooden beads

8 x Yellow size 6 seed beads

8 x 20mm Tubular dark wooden beads

12 x 10mm Turquoise glass beads

6 x 10mm Dark wooden disc beads

10 x 15mm Tubular light wooden beads

6 x 6mm Round wooden beads

5 x 10mm Yellow faceted crystals

8 x 8mm Ivory discs

6 x Teething beads

6 x 10mm Yellow faceted teardrop crystals

27 x Yellow rough semi-precious quartz chips (10cm when strung)

2 x Flat oval bead cones

2 x Large crimps

2 x 10mm Rhodium beads

2 x 15mm Connector rings

40cm Medium-large link nickel chain

2 x Medium jump rings

1-1.5m Gut



Balt Acrilex glue

Rough nosed pliers

Smooth bladed pliers


Bead reamer and a bead

Inca Necklace

This project uses a combination of yellow, turquoise and brown beads to give a modern twist to an African theme.  The project has easy to follow instructions and is suitable for beginners.