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Materials (Tea Towel):


Assorted cotton fabric remnants for applique

Cotton lace for trimming


Thin tear-away embroidery stabiliser

Materials (Cookery Book Binder):

Assorted cotton fabric remnants for binder and applique

Thin tear-away embroidery stabiliser

Cotton lace for trimming

0.4m Satin ribbon - 1cm wide

0.3m Satin ribbon each in 2 colours - 3mm wide

A4 size book


Materials (Decorative Muffin):

Assorted cotton fabric remnants

Fusible interfacing


Remnant of cotton lace

Remnant of satin ribbon

Assortment of beads and/or decorative pendants

Materials (Oven Mitt):

0,4m cotton fabric

0,4m thermal batting

Thin tear-away embroidery stabiliser

1m bias binding

Gifts of love!

Mother’s day is around the corner, and what better way to say “I Love You” by giving her your time and making articles to brighten up her kitchen!

Baking is fun – even more so in a kitchen jam-packed with beautiful accessories.


Tea Towel

Pretty appliques can turn plain tea towels into real eye-catchers.


Cookery Book Binder

Things can sometimes get hot and messy when you’re baking, so it’s nice when your beloved recipe collection is well protected. Simply wash the cover to put the world to right again.


Decorative Muffin

These sweet little muffins are quickly made and delightful to look at. 


Oven Mitt

It’s all too easy to burn your fingers when removing cookies from the oven. This practical mitt will stop that from happening.