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Materials (Cushion cover):

0.4 – 0.6m fabric, 140cm wide per cover
2-3 x different balls of wool for cover with wool yarns
Embroidery design for pink cushion. Use your own design or write to for a free design. In the subject line, please write ‘CH Winter embroidery design’ and indicate the embroidery format you require.
1 x zip per cover

Materials (Basket):

0.4m dark grey woollen fabric, 140cm wide
0.2m pink fabric, 140cm wide
0.4m lining, 140cm wide
Fabric remnant in black
3 x different coloured balls of wool
1m heavy weight fusible stabiliser

Materials (Lamp):

0.7m curtain fabric
Craft paper
Wonder tape
Design for cutting out. Use your own and do cutting out by hand or write to for a free Embroidery machine CutWork design. In the subject line, please write ‘CH Winter – CutWork design’.


Cozy up to Wool

Wool creates warmth! No need to haul out your knitting needles, we’ve used woollen fabric with some of these projects and merely punched in woollen threads with others!

Cushion Cover

The Needle-Punch Tool does a beautiful job of embellishing the cushion covers. The yarns are punched into the fabric directly from the balls of wool. If the yarns cross or twist by themselves, it ensures interesting effects. The variety of patterns produced in this way is practically limitless.

The pink cushion creates an exciting contrast to the others, not only in terms of colour, but also in the shape of the motif, which is picked up by the pattern on the lamp.



A basket for your knitting things – or whatever else is stored in the lounge – keeps everything neat and tidy, and looks decorative even with nothing in it. Thanks to its sturdy interfacing, the basket can stand on its own.



The lively motif on this designer lampshade is produced almost effortlessly by the CutWork Tool used in conjunction with your embroidery machine. The design pieces which are cut out with the CutWork Tool are then sewn onto normal curtain fabric – and voilà, your lampshade is finished.